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Imperatif Call Centre Partners is a state-of-the-art Australian contact centre and direct marketing company specialising in outbound telemarketing services.

As your partner in business, Imperatif's Australia wide Outbound and Inbound Call Centre services can help grow your customer base and increase your revenue performance with our proven direct marketing campaigns. Call centre outsourcing, lead generation services, phone answering service and appointment setting are just some of the things we do best.

We specialise in expertly designed outbound telemarketing services. We have demonstrated that you can grow your business and ensure full customer satisfaction with effective outsourced call centres and digital marketing strategy.

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🛇 Automotive

We have a specialised understanding of the Australian automotive industry and have specifically tailored a number of car dealership and automotive manufacturer call centre services. We currently provide call centre services for more than 40 of Australia’s leading car dealerships, increasing their car sales, service bookings, extended warranty purchases and customer satisfaction.

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We understand that today’s competitive business market requires different kinds of processes - which include call centre outsourcing. Imperatif's Australian outbound call centre takes into account your company’s identity and market position and can reach more customers for you while always adhering to Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) standards and requirements.

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Call Centre Outsourcing Australia


Being one of the most prominent outsourced call centre partners in Australia, Imperatif have worked with a number of industry leaders in the automotive, real estate, travel and finance industries. With our high quality practices and innovative technology, your business will be able to identify your unique position in the market and ensure you are making the most of all possible revenue opportunities.

Inbound and outbound Australian call centres, telemarketing companies and call centre outsourcing can be a huge added benefit to your business. Small businesses in particular are in need of expanding their brand and making their target market more aware of them and the products or services they provide. Imperatif has worked with numerous small and large businesses in various different industries. We use proven call centre outsourcing methods and have demonstrated success in increasing revenue stream and growing customer awareness and satisfaction.

We Help Your Business Grow


Grow your business

There are many benefits of working with Imperatif to grow your business. Some of our more recent projects include the Brisbane School of Hairdressing, Carmichael Ford and Sids and Kids Queensland.

We provide direct feedback from your customers: This direct contact with your customers is an incomparable advantage to other types of marketing. We are speaking directly to potential customers and your existing customers either over the phone or by other methods, which means we are getting word-for-word feedback and suggestions that your business will be able to use to improve overall.

It’s a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool: Compared to other types of marketing campaigns, direct marketing processes and an Australian contact centre require much less expense on your part. There’s no need to mass produce brochures or marketing material, or hire salespeople to go around talking to people face-to-face. These forms of marketing are often unwelcome or ignored, whereas telemarketing companies' phone outreach and e-marketing are much less intrusive methods of making your brand visible.

It produces immediate results: Direct contact gets direct results, and with our proven techniques we are able to show you instant results on customer satisfaction and feedback so you can make any necessary changes straight away. In particular, our Australia wide outbound call centre services include tried and tested methods to pursue potential leads and arrange appointments immediately over the phone for your sales representatives to follow up on.

You will get more sales: This one speaks for itself. Generating more leads will make it possible for you to expand your customer base, while following up on their satisfaction levels will make it possible for you to continue to meet their needs and anticipate their future needs. This will in turn lead to more sales for your business and an increased revenue performance.

It expands your sales territory: Telemarketing and digital marketing allow you to reach a much wider audience than you would if you were attempting to reach th ma em physically. With today’s technology you are no longer limited by your geographical location or international time differences. We can contact your customers and potential customers by phone or email no matter where they are, meaning your target market significantly expands.

Your business is being marketed 24 hours a day: Whether you want an ongoing e-marketing campaign, or you just want to be more available to your customers, we can help you make 24 hour accessibility a possibility. Email marketing is not restricted by location or time zones, and our out of hours Australian call centre services mean your customers will have ongoing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Australian Contact Centre Service


We provide a huge range of specialised inbound and outbound Australian call centre services and outbound telemarketing services for your business.

All our call centre services are paired with superior Australian contact centre processes such as targeted key performance indicator reporting, 100% inbound and outbound call reporting, ongoing data cleansing and lead generation services. In order to get excellent lead generation, engaging a fully qualified and highly trained Australian telemarketing company through outsourced contact centres is a viable option that can bring great ROI.

We offer the following contact services across Australia:

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Our tailored digital marketing campaigns include database management, template development and content creation. We work closely with you to design a campaign that will incorporate technology with your business goals to reach a wider audience in an efficient, convenient and non-intrusive way.

Customer Satisfaction Surveying: We can perform outbound telephone and online customer satisfaction surveys to learn customer satisfaction levels across the board and make sure your business is performing the way you want it to.

Social Media Management: To effectively market your business online, it is necessary to have an active social media presence. Our expert consultants can manage your business's Facebook and Twitter pages in order to promote your business and keep in contact with your customers.

Mail House Production & Fulfilment: We handle all your calls, emails and coupons as well as fulfil information, brochures and mail order items in a timely manner so your customer requests are met quickly and efficiently.

Mystery Shopping & Competitor Analysis: We excel at designing mystery shopping and competitor analysis campaigns. Mystery shopping can involve random mystery shopping calls or visiting our clients' businesses to act as customers. Upon this, we provide feedback in order to boost customer service.

Our inbound Australian call centres provide the following services:

Customer Services: We can design a customised and professional customer services operation that will help your business deliver to your customers on time and on budget, and keep them 100% satisfied at all times.

Overflow/Out Of Hours Service: Never miss another phone call with our out of hours service, available 7 days a week at our call centre . You can now be permanently available to your customers, even when you’re out of the office.

Brochure Lines: This service will efficiently respond to customer’s requests for brochures, information packs and application forms so you don’t have to spend valuable time packaging and mailing your marketing material.

Credit Card Order Lines: We can take over your telephone orders and caller queries from your website or other media advertising, and give your business a reliable and efficient credit card order line service.

Helplines: Our professional and dedicated helpline staff can answer your customer’s queries and provide assistance on behalf of your business, adding value to your customer service with our comprehensive product training and database access.

Our outbound call centre services include:

Outbound Telemarketing: Our premier outbound campaigns include outbound telemarketing, telesales, lead generation, market research, database cleansing and follow up calling. Our effective, targeted approach will increase your sales and generate more customers for your business.

Satisfaction Telesurveying: By recording and reporting customer satisfaction survey results across your product and service range, you’ll be able to ensure your business is delivering what it promises. You will also be able to identify any further cross sell or up-sell opportunities.

Appointment Setting: Our trained and experienced appointment setting team will use profiled and targeted data lists to find potential customers for your business, and arrange appointments on behalf of your sales representatives.

Follow Up Calling: We can use your database to follow up on all your leads to increase the return on investment from all your direct advertising and marketing campaigns. This will increase awareness of your brand and build stronger relationships with new and existing customers.

Successful Customer Contact


What Makes Us So Successful

Modern Australian contact centre techniques and Telemarketing are a highly effective way of making your business more visible to potential customers. But with the increase of call centre outsourcing and the use of various telemarketing techniques by companies around the world, people’s tolerance and responsiveness to telemarketing companies has lessened. It takes highly targeted, accurate customer data and well-trained professional Australian staff for inbound and outbound call centre services to be successful in today’s competitive market.

At Imperatif, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to get results for your business through our proven processes, incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and expert team.

We understand consumer behaviour.

We incorporate telesales, market research, lead generation and database cleansing to ensure all our customer data is targeted and results-driven. Our highly specialised research gathering techniques and close collaboration with your business through the entire process guarantee maximum effectiveness for generating sales. Our call centre staff are services experts who undertake comprehensive training in your products and services to ensure their knowledge is in-depth and can be aligned with specific customer needs.

We have superior sales skills. We are great at what we do.

Our outbound telemarketing scripts are written with careful detail, and based on thorough and reliable research and data. The Imperatif staff have impeccable telephone etiquette and are highly trained in the most effective ways to reach out to customers via the telephone, make a positive impression and sales pitch, and get the sale.

Our communication skills are second to none. We know how to establish a good rapport with every potential customer we speak to, so that they feel comfortable talking to us. This is a vital part of telemarketing campaigns because many people are so wary of sales people on the phone, so we have dedicated staff trained in communicating effectively and understanding the perspective of the customer without being pushy or aggressive.

We Recognise Legal Standards

Another one of our major benefits is that we always abide by the telemarketing standards of the ACMA, so you won’t have to worry that we are pushing any legal boundaries to generate leads. The Telemarketing and Research Industry Standard 2007 has set out a number of rules about when and how Australian telemarketing companies and call centres can contact consumers, including:

a) When telemarketing and research calls can and cannot be made – this includes times on weekdays, weekends and national public holidays when calls are not to be made to people’s usual residential address.

b) Information that must be provided during a telemarketing or research call – this refers to identifying information that the caller must give the consumer, either during the call or at the request of the consumer. It includes the caller’s name, the company they are calling on behalf of, and the purpose of the call.

c) When calls must be terminated – callers must immediately terminate the call if the person they are calling is not at their usual residential address or indicates that they do not wish for the call to continue.

d) The use of calling line identification – callers must ensure that calling line identification is enabled when the make the call. Our team are all educated and trained in the legal requirements of Australian call centres and we ensure that we are always up-to-date with the law. You can find more information about the Telemarketing Rules at the ACMA website.

Leading Telemarketing Company in Australia

Let us help you grow your business and increase revenue with our state-of-the-art Australian contact centre in Brisbane and proven direct marketing techniques. Get in touch with us today!